Corporate Formation

Attorney Byron Quintanilla is prepared to meet the needs of businesses in New York City. We understand that the legal foundation of any successful business venture is the proper choice of entity, which can set up a business for success while protecting individuals against collateral damage when difficulties arise for their business.

We can help you in the creation of any of the following:

  • C corporations
  • S corporations
  • Professional corporations (PC)
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships (LP)



A contract is an agreement creating obligations enforceable by law. The basic elements of a contract are mutual assent, consideration, capacity, and legality. Possible remedies for breach of contract include general damages, consequential damages, reliance damages, and specific performance.

We handle business-to-business contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts and others.

We can assist you with:

Contract Drafting

When drafting a contract, we will receive input from both parties and strive to write a contract that meets the needs of our client.

Contract Review

We review a contract for inconsistencies and unacceptable clauses before you accept it.

Contract Negotiation

We can negotiate the terms of a contract to assure your interests are protected.

Contract Litigation

We litigate breach of contract issues and other contract dispute matters.


At AQL we provide our clients with the information they need to enter into contracts fully aware of their rights and obligations.

reading contracts