Byron A. Quintanilla

Byron was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He is a proud descendant of two working-class Guatemalan parents who arrived in the United States in the 1980s and went through the process of becoming legal United States citizens, wanting a better life for their family. Byron witnessed first-hand how complicated the immigration process can be and how the language barrier is a massive issue for many, miscommunications causing the individual to miss dates and not understand procedures or what to do next. Byron acknowledges that he wants to recompense his parent’s struggles to achieve the American Dream by serving as a voice and a gladiator in the courtroom on behalf of his clients.

The struggles that his clients experience with the continuing complicated immigration process empowered Byron to gain a broad cultural awareness, which motivated Byron to help the same working-class Latino communities with their legal matters near and dear to his heart.

Byron’s dedication to helping others is a testament to his work. Byron is fluent in Spanish, and he has appeared as a legal advisor to educate the Latino community on the continuing changes to the immigration laws, as they happen quickly and can significantly affect people’s lives, on monumental television networks, such as Telemundo, Univision, and other national Latino mornings programs such as Vision Latina and TV Azteca. Byron serves as the point of contact in his Great Neck community for non-native speakers and those who need legal representation, and he opens the door to clients who continue to struggle to access it. Byron’s clients chose to work with his boutique law firm because of his extreme diligence, keen eye for detail, commitment to his client’s needs, and confidence in his approach to solutions to his client’s matters.

Education & Background

Byron graduated from New York’s highly-ranked college Binghamton University and received his law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. Byron volunteered his afternoons and evenings while attending college and law school to advocate on behalf of the client to resolve immigration related-matters and defend the client against deceptive and illegal consumer practices under the supervision of an attorney.

In college, Byron volunteered with the New York Attorney General’s Office in Binghamton’s Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection unit, which is part of the Economic Justice Division, to advocate on behalf of consumers suffering fraudulent, misleading, and deceptive, and illegal consumer practices, and to prosecute businesses and individuals engaging in those deceptive practices.

In law school, Byron volunteered at his law school’s immigration clinic, sponsored by the Vera Institute of Justice under Vera’s Unaccompanied Children Program to provide legal representation to immigrant children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and placed in immigration proceedings. Byron’s law school clinic appointed him as the go-to person to train and manage other law students participating in the immigration clinic to prepare asylum, family-based petitions, and citizenship immigration petitions on behalf of the clinic’s clients.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter where he shows up, Byron is equipped to do battle.  When Byron takes on a case, his client reaps the benefit of his considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment.  Clients often want to know how to achieve efficient, predictable and cost effective results, and Byron Quintanilla will work with you to meet your needs.  Byron’s practice focuses on complex immigration, accident, and workers’ compensation matters.